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Become a positive colleague with great time management

2 Steps to becoming a positive colleague with great time management

Are you feeling weighed down by the list of tasks on your to do list? Or maybe your rapport with the commercial team is difficult and you are wondering if there is a better way to do things? Maybe you secretly wish there was more time in a day so you could have the impact you dream about or that the commercial team would change and show you more appreciation.

Reflect on this - Time v Enthusiasm

I discovered that mastering my time came down to my relationship with time and my enthusiasm!!

I wanted to be a positive person that my colleagues enjoyed working with. While this goal was admirable it was leaving me time poor with an ever growing to do list.

The old belief system led me to say yes to everything so I would be seen as a greater team player - my enthusiasm always won out! It was coming at a high cost, the number of projects I was involved in increased and my to-do list got longer and I felt I had no time to go deep on any project.

If things were going to change I needed to change how I related to the work environment: the question arose how can you be positive and balanced?

It comes down to understanding the relationship between enthusiasm and time, Enthusiasm/positivity is ENDLESS and time is a FINITE resource.

I had more enthusiasm than time!

I was saying yes to enthusiasm and not accepting that time is finite.

Consider this - revised Time- Enthusiasm:

With this new realisation in hand, I created a new belief system to drive my decision making:

I wanted to be a positive colleague that my colleagues enjoy working with AND I wanted to be balanced, impactful and effective over the long term.

So in each meeting I began implementing this new approach:

Step 1: Validate the project and show my enthusiasm without commitment 


Step 2: Now let's discuss time:

A. Prioritise all the projects currently under my responsibility by impact

B. If the new project has a higher impact, then time needs to be freed up. What current project needs to be delayed or stopped? Or what project needs to re-designed to be simpler, automated or more efficient to create the space to take on the new project?

C. If the new project didn't have a higher impact than what was currently being executed, could the project be re-designed to have a higher impact or was the project a 'no' for now.

Effectively communicating:

For most people when they hear these steps they say that sounds lovely in theory Emma, but how do I communicate that. In order to communicate effectively, first you need to master your internal ease so you can manage the outer strain of these conversations. Mastering your internal chatter/ease, will allow you to unlock your communication, time and enthusiasm resulting in better time management - this is where my signature Thrive method comes into play - Ive got you covered!

Invest in you!

By applying these principles of enthusiasm, time and effective communication consistently you will begin to create the space, progress and the balance you desire. Join the Thrive method today and you can immediately start applying my communication tools and techniques into your daily work life. Because working every day without clarity and understanding of your inner voice wastes time, energy and slows down your career progression.




Whenever you're ready, there are 2 ways I can help you to thrive...

1. The Thrive Method: Online course or Live Workshops

2. 1:1 Medical Affairs Coaching e.g. Career Planning, Interview prep, Difficult pain point

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