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How to get recognition from management?

How to get recognition from management?

3 MYTHS to gaining recognition

You've mastered your degree (maybe a Master's and a PhD too - yes, do we tend to be over-achievers :)) and you are now in the corporate world working hard with a strong desire to have an impact, but there is a nagging feeling that pops up in the chatter of your mind - I wonder how my colleagues perceive me? what do  management think of me? Am I considered talent?

I've been there, struggling with the same inner chatter. Here are 3 myths that I discovered as I began mastering recognition:

Myth 1: Get up and get on with it! 

When we dismiss these thoughts, we resist this dialogue in our minds - and what we resist persists! The answer to recognition comes from engaging with and exploring this inner chit-chat. Show your thoughts the light of day and they will begin to dissipate and leave confidence in a space that was once filled with doubt.

Myth 2: Recognition from management is the cake (bear with me to explain what I mean)

If recognition was an iced cake,...... then recognition from management is the icing, not the cake. Once we make the cake, then the recognition from management is the final sprinkle on top. Most people stay stuck cause they want management to be the cake. So what is the cake, I hear you say....well the cake is understanding what we are recognising  in ourselves. We need to learn how to recognise our own contributions first, before we can ask another to recognise us. So ask yourself today, what am I recognising myself for? what was the impact of my work/project? 

Myth 3: If I'm hard working, I deserve to be recognised.

What are we recognising ourselves for? Hard work which has a low impact or hard work which has a high impact? Is the impact aligned with company goals? - most employees are hard working, but which category of impact does your work fall into? It is impact which differentiates who gets recognition. The higher the impact, the easier recognition comes.

We need to understand the impact of each project - what metrics have we captured to demonstrate the impact and is this impact aligned with company goals? The cake is made up of my ability to review my work and understand the impact of my work. Learn to recognise your impact and express the impact of your project with numbers. Now you will feel proud of the impact you have achieved, you have learned to recognise yourself. The icing on the cake will be the recognition of others.

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