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How to STOP sorting out messes and getting pulled into tasks that are not my objectives?

Uncategorized Jun 02, 2022

Old Belief v New Belief & Guilt


Let’s dive in!


Do you find yourself in this situation? What do you think is causing this pain? Do you believe its 100% within your control to solve?


In this blog, I’m going to show you how its 100% within your control to turn this around – it simply comes down to what your belief system is and do you understand the short and long term impact of the decisions you are making based on your belief system.


Old Belief:

Its serves me to be helpful to others and liked by my colleagues.


Impact of Old Belief:

The old belief puts others first and you honing your unique skills second. If there are lots of messes to sort ( which there always are!), then there is no time for you to focus on you.

It’s a short term win- lose model – the person with the problem wins today but loses in the long term cause you are not deepening your expertise and using it to achieve company goals and also they are not learning how to solve the problem themselves. In the long term, you get resentful and the company wonder what’s the value of medical affairs.


New Belief :

It serves me to harness my unique talents in my role first, then use those unique talents to serve the team and company goals.


Impact of New Belief:

Building your expertise to serve you first and team and company second is a win-win strategy in the short and long term for all. Your unique expertise deepens and serves the team and company to achieve their goals in the short and long term.



The Villian holding you back:


What holds people back from changing to the new belief: Guilt.


When people operate from the first belief system, they were taught that others come first and you are selfish if you don’t help. If you try to pull back from helping everyone, you now feel guilty and selfish. To stop feeling the discomfort of guilt and selfishness, you go and help people again, which doesn’t leave space for you to thrive and go deep on your unique talents to serve you and others. It’s a vicious cycle.


If you want to move  and operate to the new belief system, creating feelings of balance, engaged and excited to achieve great things in medical affairs, it is critical to re-program what guilt means to you.


Guilt is a sign that you don’t know how to put yourself first, and feeling the discomfort of guilt is a sign that you are learning something new. Every time you feel guilty remind yourself that you are learning a new skill that will serve you and the team better in the long term. Master guilt and you will feel empowered to thrive and harness your unique skills to deliver on the goals of your role, the team and company goals.


Yours Sincerely,

- Emma -


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