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Want to have a greater impact on patients?

3 Steps to Achieving a Greater Impact

Petra is a senior medical advisor, with 5 years’ experience in medical affairs. For most of her life, she focused on serving patients. First, training as a pharmacist and working in a local pharmacy, and then transitioning into the pharmaceutical industry to reach  patients on a greater scale.

While her day was extremely busy, responding to marketing, sales, regulatory queries and projects, she felt frustrated that she was not having the impact on patients that she desired and wanted to accomplish more. However, with a full inbox and a heavy meeting schedule, Petra wondered how she was going to accomplish a greater impact.

Petra began reading and investing in herself to unlock how she was going to accomplish and meet this need to have a greater impact. One of the books that Petra read was by Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly effective people.

Here are 3 steps that Petra took on her journey after reading this book:   

1. Categorise your tasks by importance and urgency.   

The non-important urgent and non-important non-urgent tasks she stopped doing.   

She realised that the important urgent and important non-urgent tasks were critical to master to achieve a greater impact on patients’ lives.   

2. Patterns, Efficiency , Stakeholders & Communication   

Petra discovered that the important urgent tasks were taking up the majority of her time. The pattern that Petra uncovered was the important urgent tasks were meeting short term goals and the important non-urgent tasks were meeting long term goals that would've a greater impact on patients. To this end, Petra was faced with the challenge how to manage more efficiently the important urgent category, so that she could create space for the important non-urgent projects. Through identifying patterns in the urgent important tasks, she began to find efficiencies and built frameworks to tackle the important urgent tasks in a more time and energy efficient manner. She also mastered her communication style and conflict resolution style so that she could bring stakeholders with her as she made changes to how she responded to urgent important tasks.   

3. Explore   

Now that Petra had created space in her diary, she began to explore what area of focus to choose that would have the greatest impact on patients and the highest probability of success across all stakeholders required. eg. product enhancement, data generation, clinical trial design, research and development.   

Petra now felt freedom, she could see the possibility of having a greaterimpact on patients’ lives, now that she had mastered her response to urgent important tasks.   

Consider this:

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