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EQV LIVE Virtual Course

Strengthen your Leadership and Resilience


Are you a medical affairs professional grappling with the complexities of workload, resilience/mental health, leading with ease, and career development in a matrix organisation?

"The Thrive Method" is a meticulously designed course tailor-made for you.

Course Start Date: 20th March 2024

Course Format: 6-weeks, 90 mins every Wednesday 2 pm -3.30pm GMT.

Early Bird Registration (Until 23rd Feb 2024)

Registration closes 18th March 2024.

Limited places available.

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The Thrive Method Course Agenda



  • Introduction & Expectation Setting (15 min)
  • Introduction to High Performance Mindset (60 min)
  • Q & A (15 min)

WEEK 2 - 3


  • High-Performance: Mindset, Beliefs, EQ & IQ (60 min)
  • Relationship & Stakeholder Management, Conflict Resolution (80 min)
  • Q & A (40 min)

WEEK 4 - 5


  • Workload Management in Affiliate Medical Affairs (40 min)
  • Email & Time Management (30 min)
  • Productivity & EQ (30 min)
  • Goal Setting & Tracking system (40 min) (Templates provided)
  • Q & A (40 min)



  • Career Development in a Matrix Organisation (60 min)
  • Q & A (30 min)


6-week Live Virtual Course

Empowering Teams and Leaders

"The Thrive Method Course was a game-changer for me and my team. It left us empowered to think and act differently. Emma's guidance on managing our thoughts and emotions has profoundly impacted how we work and live. Highly recommended."

- John, Medical Excellence and Innovation Director, MSD UK


Live Virtual Course

Personal and Professional Growth

"During a period of significant change, the coaching I received was invaluable. It helped me and my colleagues reflect on our reactions to various situations and how to handle them better, making me a more effective leader."

- Sarah, Medical Director, MSD UK


Live Virtual Course

Enhanced Execution as a Medical Advisor

"Emma's Thrive Method has phenomenally improved my execution as a medical advisor. It's deepened my understanding of managing cross-functional relationships and medical projects. I now operate at a much higher level."

- Sharon, Medical Advisor, MSD Ireland

Insightful and Transformative Learning

"Emma's model, blending biology and psychology, has revolutionised my personal and professional development. It's brought 'inner ease' to my workplace, allowing me to approach problems more objectively and produce higher-quality work."

- Mark, Medical Advisor, Astellas, UK

It's time to invest in you

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EQ Vibration is everything you need, no drama just support!

This course is for affiliate medical affairs professionals experiencing workload overwhelm and seeking to improve their resilience

Here is all you can access:

Live Virtual Course

In this dynamic 6-week journey, we delve into strategies and insights pivotal for enhancing leadership, mental health and resilience in 90 min sessions each week. We understand the unique pressures you face and offer practical solutions for managing your workload efficiently and effectively.

Group Discussion

"The Thrive Method" goes beyond theoretical concepts, focusing on real-world applications. Through a blend of teaching and discussion sessions, you'll engage in reflective practices, learning to respond to challenges with agility and confidence.

Expert Mentor

Emma Lynch is an experienced in-country medical affairs professional with over 16 years experience as a medical director at UCB Pharma, Pfizer and Astellas.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences with Emma throughout the course.

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The Thrive Method

The Thriving Medical Affairs Professional

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